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Cute Love Stories


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The Salty Coffee
Sweet story about how a salty coffee can taste sweet if it is consumed with the right person.

The Hookup
Ever had a hookup at the bar? Read about the hilarious outcome from a random hookup.

There are plenty of funny stories about how woman act and think. Read about jokes on man for a change.

Keep on Singing
Another sweet story on how a boy's insistance on singing to his baby sister helped saved her life.

Have you ever asked to be repay for kindness shown to others? This story shows that it is often not required as kindness comes around and goes around to people who deserves it.

Sexual Needs
Men are from Mars and women are from Venus. Read this story and have a good laugh about the differences between men and women.

The Husband Letter
Another hilarious story on the huge difference in sexual needs between an old couple in the form of a husband's letter.


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