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Love Stories To Read
The Prince and The Mermaid Part 1

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Once upon a time in the mythical land of Baltan, there lived a Prince. His name was Prince Adiere, the land was ruled by his parents, the King and Queen. Prince Adiere was next in line for the throne. One day the King had taken ill and was not expected to live much longer. Sadden by this, the Prince went into a state of depression, he and his father were very close and it was hard for him to accept. The Queen who became concern for her son's health, decided to try and focus his attention on something she thought he would enjoy. She decided to come up with a concept to attract her son a wife. After all, he would one day be King and he needed to have a Queen by his side. After much deliberation, to ensure her son would choose the right woman. She put out a proclamation, for all young maidens in the Kingdom, that her son, the Prince, was looking for a wife. Each young maiden was to bring to the Prince a object of special meaning to them, that they would be willing to give to the Prince as a token of their love. If the Prince chose the item, then the the owner of that item would be the wife of the Prince. The Queen informed her son of the plan, delighted with the Queen's plan the Prince quickly emerged from his depression. In a few days, all the young maidens of the land visited the castle bringing gifts, some brought beautiful jewlery, some brought family heirlooms, others brought rare coins. The Prince was amazed at the all the beautiful maidens that were in his Kingdom. For weeks, he looked over all the different gifts that were brought by the maidens. He grew weary and disappointed that he could not find a gift to please him, as the last maiden left the castle, the Prince thought to himself, he would never find his wife...he would never find a woman to sit beside him on the throne.

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That evening, he sat in the garden watching the swans swim in unison in the pond, the night was black except for the light of the moon and the twinkle of the stars. He heard someone step up quietly behind him, turning quickly he notice a woman, except for her eyes, her face was covered and she wore a long silk garment that shimmered brightly under the moonlite. Her eyes were black as coal, and she spoke softly to him as she handed him a gold scepter, it had a silver band that intertwine around the sceptor starting at the bottom and ending at the top. At the head of the scepter was the head of a dolphin with ruby eyes, she told him it belong to her father and when he died he gave it to her as a gift. She told him the scepter had mystical powers, but it could only be used by the person who possesses it. She went on to say, the sceptor grants three wishes every year on the night of your choice. She warnd him to use the wishes wisely because once they are chosen the sceptor must be returned to her. She then turned and ran into the darkness of the forest, the Prince chased after her, calling her.....but she continued to run, he chased her to the edge of the forest leading on to the beach, she had disappeared without a trace. All he noticed was footsteps in the sand leading to the the sea.

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Who was this strange woman he thought? Her voice like the Sirens who summons the ships with a beautiful love song. He was enamoured with just the hint of her eyes. Where did she go? As he walked back to the castle, he played back in his mind, what she said about the sceptor. The three wishes that he could choose. He thought about his father, and quickly he ran to his father's bedroom, as he went in.... he walked to his mother, who kept a constant vigil at the King's bedside, only leaving to check on her son. Kneeling by his bed, the Prince looked at his father lying weak and feeble in the bed. He took his father's hand and held the sceptor over his father's body, he spoke his first wish. Suddenly, he felt a surge vibrate in the sceptor and it began to glow, a blue light enveloped his father's body and the aura widened until it filled the entire room. He looked down at this father and watched in amazement as the King's eyes opened and the color came back to his cheeks. His father sat up and looked at his son and wife, puzzled because he was completely healed. The Prince was ecstatic, as he explained to his parents about the strange young woman who visited him earlier that night and gave him the scepter and how it would grant him three wishes.


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