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Romantic Bedtime Stories
Love Breaks Hearts Part 1

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He stared at the screen of his computer not sure what to write. His fingers danced over the keys and the mouse as he pressed them but he kept erasing it. He read through their conversation again.

Alice: Hey
Ricky: We need to talk
Alice: About what?
Ricky: Something important…
Alice: Which is?

Finally Ricky began typing.

Ricky: It’s kind of complicated. I don’t know if we can be together anymore. I am moving away and I am not up for a long distance relationship.
Alice: We’re breaking up?
Ricky: Exactly. I don’t want you anymore.
Alice has logged out.

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Ricky wanted to cry so badly but he never cried and he wouldn’t start. He would find a new girl to love and take care of. Alice didn’t need him and he didn’t need her. Or did he? He sighed and went to sleep. He didn’t care about her anymore. He couldn’t.

In the morning Alice didn’t go to school. She slept in on purpose. When she finally woke up, she refused to eat breakfast. She refused to go to school and she refused to answer her friends’ text messages. She only read a couple of them and she wouldn’t read the ones from Ricky. She sat and stared at her wall hugging herself and thought of all the times together with Ricky. She cried as she did. She finally got out of bed and wrote a fake sick note and walked to school. She turned it in at the office and went into class. She sat up front in the classroom instead of sitting at the back beside Ricky.

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Ricky was sitting at the back of the classroom trying to avoid Alice. There were confused eyes flickering between Ricky and Alice but Ricky pretended not to notice. Ricky and Alice had been the best couple in the school. Later on, Ricky and his friends were talking and laughing and Alice walked by. They stopped laughing. She looked horrible. She stopped at her locker and they looked closely. She was pale white and looked sick. One of Ricky’s best friends, Dylan left the group and walked up to her.


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