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Love Story Movies


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Only Love
Tragic story centered around the romantic song "Only Love" by Trademark.

I Love You Darling
"I love you, darling" is something we frequently tell our loved ones when we are happy. However, would you tell this to your loved ones when tragedy strikes? Read on to find out why we should appreciate and love people around us even more when disaster strikes.

Love Letter
Read about what happens when a love letter gets lost in translation.

Queen of The Undead
Fictional story about how a normal girl becomes the Queen of the Undead through love.

Darkness of Karma
Another fictional vampire story on how hatred born of love can fuel a thirst for revenge.

Love, Wealth and Success
Humans often crave for love, wealth and succss. This story shows how all three objects of desire are inter-related.

Love Letter 1863
A sweet love letter written more than a century ago.


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