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The Hate Letter
Read about the sweetest breakup letter you can ever find. Sends a tinkle to my heart everytime I read it.

The Missing Rib
When god created a companion for Man, he took away his rib to create Woman. Hence women is often considered to be men's missing rib. Read about this story to learn more about man's missing rib.

The Divorce
Divorce is so common in today's era that we often fail to think about the reasons for wanting a marriage in the first place. If you are lost in your marriage, please read this story to find back your love and family.

The Old Couple
See how an old couple divorces only to lead to eternal regret as their love is stronger than they have thought all along.

Sweet Chocolate
Teenage story about how a sweet chocolate can lead a girl to the beginning of a sweet love.

The Ring
How far would you go to protect a ring given to you by your beloved? This story is about a girl who would rather die than give up a token of love.


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