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Romantic Stories


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Miracle of Love
Romantic story about how something extraordinary can happen on an ordinary day. Hence, this story is dedicated to everyone who is still out there looking for love.

A typical sweet story on how marriage changes everything. Or does it? Read more to find out about how a married couple overcome disagreements and remain happily in love.

About Love
Another story about marriage and how to stay married and in love. This story also remind us to apreciate and cherish everything around us no matter how insignificant they appear to be.

Miracle By Chance
Do you believe in destiny? Read about how destiny arranges for a couple to eventually end up together despite starting off on the wrong foot.

The Day I Noticed
Cute story on how love find its way to a teenage girl. Provides wonderful childhood memories.

Love Breaks Hearts
Heartbreaking story on how death tears a young couple apart despite their love for each other.

There is Always a Silver Lining
True story on how love appears as a silver lining to a girl when she most needed help and comfort from others.


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