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Sad Love Stories
Text Mate Part 1

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My cellphone's beeping sound woke me up one night. Used to receiving important messages only, I grabbed my cellphone and sleepily pressed the keys and read the message.

"Hi there! Care 2 b my txtmate?"

Not knowing who the sender was, I deleted the message right away and placed the phone on my bedside table. I tried to go back to sleep. I had just closed my eyes when I heard the message tone again.

"Hi there, again! Care 2 b my txtmate?" again, the message said.

"Who the hell could this be asking for a textmate at the wee hours of the night?" I asked myself.

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Again, I deleted the message without bothering to reply.

I was never a 'textmaniac' - someone who enjoys texting anyone and everyone even in the wee hours of the night, not to mention during the day. My parents who were always abroad, forced me to own a cellphone. They told me that having one was more convenient - they could monitor me even if they're miles away.

I wanted to turn the cellphone off. However, since my mother was fond of calling me at night just to check if I am safe at home, I decided not to.

Just as I was about to close my eyes and return to my dreamless sleep, the phone beeped again. It was from the same number! Such determination!

"Ply reply 2 dis msg & b an angel & save me frm dis abyss of emptiness!"

I never knew why but the message struck me. I got up and pressed the keys. I realized I was replying to the message.

"Im not an angel, n if u want som1 2 save u, Im not superman. Im just a simple person whom u woke up in d mid of d nite! Nway, do I know u?" I typed.

Seconds later came the reply.

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"Nope. U don't know dis lonely soul. Nor does she know u. But I want 2 b ur frnd. I'm Mikaella Cervantes. U?"

"Just call me Julius. How did u get my no.?" I sent back.

"Hi Julius, nice 2 meet u. Just shuffled the last two digits of mine" she replied.

That was the first and maybe the last time I met someone over the cellphone.

We exchanged messages and learned so much about each other that night. We only said goodbye when my alarm clock rang at 5 a.m.! I had to prepare for school!

And that was also how it all started. There wouldn’t be a day without a loving and thoughtful message from her. It was only then I learned to appreciate text messages and become eager and excited everytime my phone beeped, hoping it would be her.


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