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Short Sad Love Stories
Text Mate Part 2

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I never knew why, but her response would send shivers down my spine.

"Value d people hu hav touched ur life bcoz ull never know just wen will dey walk out of ur lyf & nvr come back again."

I couldn't understand what I felt at that moment, but I was sure of one thing. I could not go a day without a single word from her. Even though we haven’t met personally, I became used to having her in my life. In fact by then, she already occupies a large space in my life.

I texted her back. "Dont come close if ull jst pass by; don't touch me if ull jst let me cry; dont luv me if ull jst leave me and won't stay..."

I didn't know why I sent her that message, but somehow I felt every word came from my heart. In the short span of time that we exchanged messages with each other, I knew I have reserved a place for her in my heart.

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I called her once. The voice on the other end was like an angel's. It was soft, kind and full of love. Yet, there was something in it I couldn't define. We only talked for a few minutes. Before she hung up, she told me not to call again. According to her, it would be better if we would just text each other.

But her voice kept ringing not only in my head, but in my heart. I longed to hear it once more. I tried to call her again but she did not answer the phone. She just kept on sending messages and quotations, which I copied in a little notebook. Am I a hopeless romantic? I don't know. All I could say was all the messages she sent me were wonderful. They came from her heart and cut through my heart.

"Though we r miles apart, u r always in my heart. I close my eyes & der u r. Even if I'll nvr c u, I'll always b arnd 2 care 4 u, far longer den 4ever..."

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She sent me this message to me on one December night. By that time, we had been exchanging messages for more than a month. God knew how happy I was. She was right. Although we had not seen each other, what we felt was enough to make us both realize what was keeping us together.

I sent her another message, "Loving u secretly is a hard thing 4 me 2 do, hoping, wondering that u will feel d same way 2, but I can't read ur mind to know if u luv me 2. But whatever it is, I'll still be loving u."

"How I wish I cud really tell u how much u mean 2 me, but Im afraid 2 love, scared 2 get hurt. I hope dat u will wait 4 me & pray dat u will not get tired of loving me. =)" was her reply.

And I replied again. "The reason y I met u is bcoz of destiny but if destiny will suggest dat I'll live w/o u, den, I'll not follow my destiny but my free will."

Whenever I asked her when can we meet personally, she will always reply, "Soon... soon, love... soon."


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