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Sad Love Stories For Teenagers
Text Mate Part 5

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Pain and bitterness overwhelmed me. I cried silently beside her as I stared at her lovely face. I tried to memorize every line of my friend’s face, a face I knew I would never forget while I was still alive.

After going to the wake that afternoon, I went to the chapel she told me she went everyday. I sat there praying and crying to God.

I held my phone and typed, “U taught me how 2 care; u taught me how 2 b kind; u shwd me how 2 lyk som1; u shwd me how 2 luv; but ders 1 thing u didnt teach me & it hurts - u didnt teach me how 2 let u go. I Love You.”

I sent the message and even though I knew she wouldn’t be able to hold her cellphone again, I knew in my heart she would get my message. I didn’t expect a reply but my phone beeped seconds later. I felt a shiver down my spine. The sender’s number did not appear on the screen but tears rolled down my cheeks as I read the message.

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“Let go of d hand of d person u love, but dont let go of God’s hand. 4 if u hold 2 his hand. He may b holding d person u love in d other hand 2 let u hold each other again.”

“I will never forget you Mikaella. I will never let you go…” I vowed to her and to myself as I left the chapel.

Mikaella brought out something about me that I never knew I had; I realized I could also be a romantic person... Even if it's just through text messaging.

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"Keep me as a frnd & I will keep u in my heart. Lock it up & throw away d key so dat no1 can evr tke u away from me..."
One day, she sent this message to me.

I replied, 'In life, we seldom find a true prson & if u evr find 1, hold on & nvr let go... Value dat prson coz it's a gift worth keeping & holdin on..."


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