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Sad Stories


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Text Mate
Do you like to text your boyfriends/girlfriends? How about texting a totally unknown number? Remarkable story of how 2 complete strangers had their lives crisscrossed by a random exchange of text messages.

Heart wrenching story about how true love doesn't always have a happy ending.

Ji Won
Love transcends all nationalities. In this case, this korean love story is equally touching as other sad love stories in this section.

If You Like Someone, Tell Them
As seen from the title, this story tells us to not wait to tell the special person how much you love them as you might never ever get the chance. Love bravely and you will never regret it in life.

Do you like dolls? The girl in the story did not particular like them even though her boyfriend kept giving them to her. Read on to find out what happened in the end.

The CD Boy
Another tragic love story on how why we should always profess our love for the special someone in our heart.

This story gives us another point of view on how to judge how beautiful a person really is.


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