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True Love Story


love story


Heart and Soul
How many people love with their hearts and souls when in love? A 18 year old girl put in her heart and soul and was rewarded with wonderful memories even after her love was gone.

A Love They Will Never Know
Why is it that love is never smooth sailing for couples in love? This story is about how two person in love never got the chance to be together as they are torn apart by fate.

My Life
Real story about how a man lived his life fighting for the women he loves only to end up empty-handed as they are kept apart by evil-doers.

White Lies
Have you ever told white lies to people you love in fear of hurting them? Read on to find out about the most cruel white lie a person can tell.

Jelly Beans
The message of love is convayed in this story through simple jelly beans that is enjoyed by everybody. Story is written in tagalog.

The best friends are angels who lift us to our feet when our wings have trouble remembering how to fly. Find out about the angel in your life in this story.


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