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True Sad Stories
Chris Part 2

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We were walking along the side of the road. She was in front of me and I was right behind her. Her umbrella had a broken spoke. She looked liked a wounded soldier, carrying her rusted rifle walking weakly. Many times, she was too deep in thoughts and drifted off the road. She almost got hit by the cars passing by. I wanted to just take her in my arms, but with the love I had for her and the constant pain in my stomach, I did nothing. On the way, we passed by the park where we used to always go.

She begged and said, "Lets go in the park for just a little while please, I promise I'll go home right after this."

My cold heart softened at her pleas, but I still put up an annoyed face and walked into the park. I was just sitting on the benches looking like I wanted to leave. She went to the big oak tree and she was looking for something. I knew she was looking for what we wrote on that tree with a silver ink pen half a year ago.
If I remember it right, it said,

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"Chris and Susan was here,
Chris had tea and Susan was drinking hot chocolate.
Hope Chris and Susan would always remember this day,
always loving each other, forever."

She was looking around for quite a while, then she came back slowly with tears on her face.
She said, "Chris, I can't find it, it's not there anymore."
I felt so sour inside, there was a stream of pain flowing into my heart, the kind of pain I've never felt before.
But all I could do was pretend I didn't care, and said, "Can we go now?"
I opened up my big black umbrella, while she simply stood there, not wanting to leave yet, hoping there was still a chance.

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She said, "You made up the story of you and that other girl didn't you? I know I frustrate you sometimes, but I'll change, can't we start over?"
I didn't say a word, looked down and shook my head. After which, we just kept on walking towards the train station without saying a single word to each other.


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