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Vampire Love Stories
Darkness of Karma


Most stories tell of a great hero who is nothing but a normal person who loses something dear to them. And because of that lose they are pressed with two options: fight back or give up. And of course they fight back. Using that lose as motivation to right that wrong and save others from going through the same thing. Yes that hero has some defects, something about them that gives them a weakness or a way to get rid of them.

And in most stories the line between villain and hero is obvious.

This story is not the case.

There is one option that is forgotten. One most do not like to speak of. One, that in the real world, is a much more likely course of action. Option C.


Sam Wyatt. 25 years old. Married. 1 three year old girl. Works as an corporate assistant, working on making it into the executive branch and soon start his own company for robotics. Gambles a little but normally is good about it. Lives Livonia not too far from his parents in Detroit. Not a bad neighborhood. Steady job in an unsteady economy. His wife is a day care assistant. They were childhood sweet hearts. Life was shaky at first, hard for both of them. But in time with certain sacrifices they made something out of their lives. And they were happy.

November 29th. His parents were gunned down. Sam knew who it was but couldn't get the hard evidence to take him to court. 1 week later right after Sam spent several days on a campaign add as well as a new robotics program, he was fired. The businesses reason: economy cut backs. His reason: to stop them from having to pay him for the program. Court sided with the corporation two days later. 4 days later the day care gets closed due to one of the assistants getting caught doing cocaine. Sam's wife gets arrested for suspected knowing and partaking in the drugs. Sam knows she is innocent. Using money he won at the casino, Sam pays her bail as they wait for court. Because of their job losses they cannot afford a lawyer. 1 week after that their daughter, Emily, becomes ill. They had to draw a second mortgage on the house to take her to the doctor. 2 weeks after that their cars get repossessed, the house is about to be foreclosed on. Sam resorts to gambling to get money to survive. It works for a while, they manage to get an apartment as well as a cheap car. Things are looking up. 1 week later while he and his wife and family are heading out to eat, they are attacked. Rammed off of the road and abducted. They are taken far north, just above Saginaw, and unloaded from the van and uncovered. Right away the wife tried to run, a man tackles her and slits her throat. The little girl starts to scream and another man grabs her. Her screaming is silenced as her neck snaps. The wife is dragged to a ditch and is tossed in, next is Sam, still alive. Then they throw the body of Emily on top of him. Sam goes to yell for help and a knife is stabbed into his chest, puncturing his lung. The faces of the men Sam will never forget, because it was the last thing he saw before his world went black.

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Pain seared through Sam's body at he started to wake. Shooting up he caused himself more pain and grabbed his chest as he fell into a fetal position. After what seemed like hours the pain subdued enough for him to notice the heat and the flickering light behind his eye lids. Opening them he saw the fire, as well as two strange people. A man and a woman. They were both extremely pale, almost dead like. They wore rather rugged dark looking clothes. Like what hikers wear. They both were looking at him. For minutes none moved and the only sound was that of the crackling of the fire. Then finally the man spoke, "Glad to see you survived." his voice was different, he clearly did not sound he was from this area, or better yet this time zone. "I would advise you don't move to quickly or else you will tear open those stitches." the woman spoke, her accent was stronger, it was french. The pain died down some more as the warmth of the fire gave him a reason to sit up. Slowly he did without causing too much pain. "Where are my wife and daughter?" he asked, knowing the answer already. The man's eyes were heavy at the question, the woman looked back at the fire. "They are dead, I burred them while Amelia saved you. I am Johnathon." Amelia looked at him with a glare, like he wasn't supposed to say names.

Sam stopped paying attention to the two people as it set in, he has lost everything. He just wanted to die, to get rid of this whole. What did he do to deserve this? He worked hard all his life. Was a good person. Did the right thing, even if he didn't like it or want to, he did it. Then another question popped into his head, "Why did you save me?" His vision didn't waver from the fire.

"You didn't want to quit. When we found you, your family they were cold dead. At first I thought you had died too. Then I heard your heart beat and dragged you out. The wound was deep, most would have long been dead but you were still fighting. I did what I could and didn't think it would do anything but prolong your death but you lasted all day and up to now. I did very little to save you. You did it yourself." Amelia replied.

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One part of that sentence stuck out "heard your heart beat" snapping his view up to Amelia he asked, "Wait, you said you heard my heart beat? Explain." Amelia was caught off guard, singled out by her own words. This time when she opened her mouth Sam paid close attention. Pale skin, in the middle of nowhere in hiking clothing only at night. Something wasn't adding up right. He caught another clue, it was hard to see at first, her canines. They were much bigger than they should have been.

"What are you two?" Sam asked, cutting Amelia off in her explanation. She stopped and looked at Johnathon. "We are not normal people." Johnathon started. Sam fought to stand. "You shouldn't stand, you will rip-" Amelia started. "To hell with the stitches! What are you two?!" he yelled. "Amelia looked at Johnathon then said, "We are vampires." as Johnathon stood up. Before they could say anything else Sam said, "Turn me."

"What?" Johnathon said caught off guard, normally they were used to people getting scared, not inviting. "Do it. Turn me." he said again, the seriousness in his eyes was scary in itself. "Why should we turn you?" Amelia asked. "Because it will help me with something." Sam replied, his eyes falling to the fire, the darkness that came forth in his eyes was unnerving. "And what is that something?" Johnathon asked.

"The world stole everything I had. Everything I have worked for. Ripped from me..." Sam replied. A new chill inspired in the two vampires. "What will you do with it?" Amelia asked, unnerved.

Sam's eyes broke from the fire and looked at both Amelia and Johnathon then said, "Revenge." The soft green of his eyes was now consumed by vengeance.

Option C. It is a choice that fades the lines of good and evil. One that most consider, but few actually act upon it. And even fewer actually succeed.


It is a thought that warps the mind, rips the soul. An idea that brings chaos and balance. An option that when pursued it is best to dig two graves. Well in most cases. It is an option that brings about change, at a heavy price.

Vengeance. It is Karma at its darkest.


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